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The WebGuru of Travel & Leisure Online Booking

Complete web-based platform for travel agent and tour operators allowing them an easy route to full-featured travel websites


MaxBill turns your billing operation into a competitive advantage

Comprehensive customer care and billing (CC&B) solution for multiple play communications and utilities service providers


Account Manager Suite - complete web-based product

Allows customers to securely manage and analyze all aspects of their account from a single starting point on a service provider’s web site

  • BillMiner: enables the dynamic presentment of bills in various formats, bill payment, archive and comparison functions
  • SelfCare: enables customers and subscribers to manage and monitor all of their communication and information services online
  • UC Analyzer: empowers customers as well as call center and operator staff to analyze billing information by using a powerful and friendly report generator
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SmartAgent Digital Assistant for Travel Agents

Empowering travel agents with advanced technology